Solutions for Microscopy

Image courtesy of Dr. Doncic Lab, University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center.
At 3i we incorporate the Yokogawa CSU line of spinning disk confocals in our turnkey imaging systems.
Cell Division
Captured with CSU-W1 SoRa
Advanced instrumentation for Photomanipulation from traditional scanning to computer-generated holography to laser ablation
3i Phasor – Computer Generated Holography
Advantages of computer-generated holography fluorescence microscopy


Efficient use of illumination intensity by redirecting a significant portion of the light to regions where photomanipulation is desired.


Superior optical sectioning for larger regions compared to approaches that use Gaussian beam illumination.


Different points of stimulation can be focused at different z planes.


Entire photomanipulation patterns can be axially displaced from the imaging plane of focus.

Motorized spinning X, Y TIRF system for even illumination and large FOV
  • TIRF illuminator allowing high-speed continuous 360° illumination
  • Switch between single point illumination and spinning illumination
  • Independently set spin angles and durations
  • Millisecond TIRF angle switch time
  • Illuminate with multiple wavelengths with millisecond switching
  • Combine with spinning diskFRAP and/or FLIM in a single multimodal system

Lasers, Optics and Electronics

Our modular systems are designed to enable custom configurations that adapt to your research needs
Lasers, Optics and Electronics
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Modular Laser Light Source

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Optical Path Selector

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Spherical Aberration Correction

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TTL Synchronization

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