Customizable advanced live-tissue imaging microscopy platform for neuroscience and cardiovascular studies

The VIVO platform incorporates advanced optics, cameras, computers and proprietary electronics to achieve unparalleled speed, precision and flexibility in live tissue image acquisition. The configuration of the VIVO system is designed to allow the presentation and maintenance of healthy live tissue without compromising high sensitivity imaging at high speeds. Innovative SlideBook software works seamlessly within VIVO for powerful and intuitive image acquisition and analysis.

Intravital imaging

Intravital imaging (imaging within a living animal) has become realized in several fields including Thrombosis and Hemostasis, Immunology, Vascular Biology, Angiogenesis, Biochemistry, Gene Therapy, Development, and Cancer Biology.
Some examples:
Movie of neutrophil and platelets in the inflamed cremasteric venules of a WT mouse, 3h after local injection of TNFa. Cells are labeled by injection of low amounts of antibodies anti-Ly6G conjugated to DyLight649, anti-CD41 conjugated to PE and anti-CD62P conjugated to FITC. The movie shows the dynamic capture and release of platelets (red) by a crawling neutrophil (white), some of which are activated as indicated by the expression of CD62P (green).


Image courtesy of Dr. Vinatha Sreeramkumar & Dr. Andrés Hidalgo (Centro Nacional de Investigaciones Cardiovasculares).
Video of neutrophil recruitment in TNFa-activated venules. The mouse is expressing the dsRED fluorescent protein in neutrophil cell lineage and stained with PerCP/Cy 5.5-conjugated anti-CXCR2 antibody. The movie shows the rolling phase 150 min after TNFa injection, in which we can score the simultaneous rolling and arrest behavior of the two types of leukocytes (mostly neutrophils).


Image courtesy of Dr. Vinatha Sreeramkumar & Dr. Andrés Hidalgo (Centro Nacional de Investigaciones Cardiovasculares).

•  The imaging of blood clot formation and the recruitment and involvement of blood coagulation proteins was first captured in real time in multiple channels on a VIVO system. The 3D reconstruction over time of the forming blood clot was captured with multiple fluorescent probes using VIVO, both wide field deconvolution and Spinning Disk Confocal.

•  VIVO is used with Laser Ablation, Ferric Chloride, Rose Bengal Injuries.

•  VIVO with particle tracking has been used to capture and count white cell rolling along a vascular tree.

•  VIVO is assisting in the formation of new targeted therapies for Hemophilia and other blood related genetic diseases.

•  The identification of cancer tumor markers and their roles in physiological processes have been recorded using VIVO.

•  Blood vessel sprouting can be recorded over time and computed with VIVO and SlideBook software.

•  Enzymologic parameters using fluorescent FRET substrates introduced into tissues of living animals are imaged with VIVO.

•  Calcium transients in circulating cells have been measured using VIVO.

•  Intracellular Signal Transduction phenotyping in vivo.

•  Pharmaceutical Therapeutic Targeting and Screening in live animals.

Millisecond particle tracking

Methods + applications


The VIVO system is ideally suited for imaging vascular beds including: dermis/skin-flap, mesentery, cremaster, cerebral-microvessels (via cranial window) and for imaging of larger vessels including the femoral and carotid arteries. The combination of high-sensitivity and high rate of capture is essential for accurate measurement of dynamic cardiovascular events such as thrombus formation and leukocyte rolling.


VIVO comes standard with a stable, fixed, large working area stage compatible with mounting multiple manipulators and large trays for tissue and animal presentation. Optional Ablate! laser ablation system uses a pulsed 532nm laser (>60µJ pulses at 200Hz) to enable controlled vessel damage and initiation of thrombus formation. Ablate! is available in fixed-point and scanning versions.


In combination with Spinning Disk Confocal, VIVO facilitates high speed optical sectioning and subsequent 3D reconstruction allowing for platelet and leukocyte applications.

Customize your system


Research Upright

Motorized with customizable
large under-objective
workspace capable of adapting
between thin tissue and
slice preparation to live animals.

LED Light Source

High power 6-channel
LED light source.

Platform Stage

Stable, fixed, large working
area stage compatible with
mounting multiple manipulators
and large trays for tissue and
animal presentation.

Xenon Light Source

Sutter DG4 available for
FURA-2 imaging and greater
excitation wavelength flexibility.


A variety of detector options
include EMCCDs and high-speed
high-sensitivity sCMOS cameras.


Dell professional grade
workstations offer
best-in-class speed and
large dataset handling.

Surgical trays

Custom-designed surgical
trays for presentation of
exteriorised tissue (i.e. cremaster,
mesentery, ear) and for
stabilization of tissue presentation
using optical windows such as
a cranial window.

SlideBook 6

Advanced acquisition
and analysis software for
biomedical research that is
easy-to-use and powerful.

LaserStack + FiberSwitcher

Modular solid state laser launch
with <1ms changing between
SDC, TIRF and Photomanipulation.



Laser ablation system with solid state pulsed
for tissue damage, laser dissection
and sub-cellular feature ablation. Optional rapid
steering available when combined with Vector.


Diffraction limited high speed X,Y scanner for line
and ROI interest scanning. Enables rapid direction
of all photomanipulation including laser injury,
uncaging, activation and bleaching.

Spinning Disk Confocal

Stable, platform-mounted Yokogawa CSU-X1 or
CSU-W1 with single or dual-camera options and up
to 10-position filter wheel.


Digital holography pattern photomanipulation
in X,Y and Z without intensity loss.



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